Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Why and How

Clear aligner trays can be used to address several orthodontic concerns, the most common goal being to straighten teeth. Benefits of this treatment include improved appearance, improved health of bone and gums, and improved health of the teeth themselves. Clear aligner trays work by exerting a low amount of pressure over time. This allows safe movement of teeth into more functional, healthy, and esthetically pleasing positions. You should expect to wear your aligners continuously, removing just to eat and clean teeth, with each tray being worn approximately 1-2 weeks.


Following evaluation by a dentist, a laboratory will fabricate a series of clear aligners to incrementally move a patient’s teeth into the desired positions. Popular companies that work with dentists to offer this service include Invisalign, Suresmile, and ClearCorrect[C1] . Using computer-aided design and 3D printing, this entire design and fabrication process can now be completed in-house at dental offices. At Cornerstone Dental we have chosen to oversee each step in-office to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients. As we diagnose, custom design, and fabricate a patient’s aligners we are able to offer a high quality product while also passing along considerable savings to our patients.


The time and cost for each person’s treatment is dependent upon the time and complexity of their unique situation, with treatment cost beginning at $2500. If you have further questions or interest in clear aligner therapy, please call our office to discuss details or to schedule a consult. We look forward to hearing from you!

Treatment Considerations

Before you begin clear aligner treatment, please consider the following oral health questions:

Is your periodontal (bone and gum) health stable?
Bone and gums are the support structures beneath your teeth, if they are in poor condition you are at risk of losing bone and subsequently losing teeth over time. If these structures are not healthy and stable prior to beginning orthodontic treatment (this includes clear aligners!), accelerated loss of bone can occur.

Do you have active decay?
One of the many great advantages of clear aligners is that they can be removed to allow for effective cleaning of teeth and gums. However, if cavities are already present on teeth prior to beginning treatment, wearing clear aligners can contribute to the progression of these cavities.

Do you have missing teeth you intend to replace?
If there is the need to extract teeth, replace missing teeth, or place crowns or fillings it is important to evaluate this and establish a plan before moving teeth as this can impact the final goal of your aligner treatment.

What are your personal goals for clear aligner therapy?
For some there could be a functional concern with chewing, a specific tooth that is rotated or out of place, or maybe a concern with the way the teeth come together or support the lips. It is crucial to have clear goals in mind prior to beginning the process to ensure your goals are achieved by the end of treatment.

Are you committed to wearing your aligners?
The biological process of tooth movement takes time to begin once you start wearing your aligners. Further, this process stops working shortly after you remove your aligners. If aligners are not consistently worn, the movement needed to realign teeth might not take place.

Due to these and other considerations, it is important that we have an opportunity to evaluate your oral health and discuss your goals before beginning treatment!