Dental Emergencies

*As with any dental emergency, first call our office to set up an emergency appointment. If it is outside of our regularly scheduled office hours you may call Dr. Hann at home, or contact the dentist covering for him.

After setting up a dental emergency appointment you may apply the following:

1) When a tooth is hot and cold sensitive and is keeping you up at night.

Brush the sensitive tooth with baking soda and then rinse your mouth with salt water.

2) When a crown comes off a tooth.

Put the crown in a plastic bag and bring it with you to your emergency appointment. Do Not use Super Glue to re-apply the crown.

3) When a tooth fractures, a cusp is broken, or when a tooth breaks off at the gum line.

If the tooth is sensitive, you may want to go to a pharmacy and buy a temporary filling material to place in the fractured area. When possible, bring the broken piece of tooth in a plastic bag with you to your emergency appointment.

4) When there is a small lesion on the gums that might be draining.

You may need a special dental prescription for an antibiotic. You may also want to brush the area gently with baking soda and rinse your mouth with salt water.

5) If a tooth is knocked out of your mouth.

Put the tooth in a plastic bag with some milk and get to the dental office ASAP. DO NOT WAIT!

When in doubt, you are always welcome to call our office. We are here to answer any questions you may have and schedule you for a dental emergency appointment whenever necessary.

*Note:Whenever you are dealing with tooth pain, avoid acidic or sugary foods such as soda pop, candy, coffee or tea with sugar, citrus or fruit juices, etc. until you have had the tooth repaired.