Root Canals

I do root canals which involves removing the nerves from teeth that have become infected into the teeth.

The teeth have the poorest healing ability of any tissue in the body.

Teeth have one artery and one vein coming in and out, one lymph vessel, and one nerve. Each is microscopic. When any of those die, the tooth cannot heal. Then a root canal is necessary.

I do root canals on all the front teeth and on the premolars that have one root.

However, on the molars that have two or three roots, and those that have 4 roots, I will send to a specialist because I don’t have a microscope for surgery. I don’t need a microscope on the front teeth. However, to find all the tiny nerves in the molars, the microscope is crucial. If one of the nerves is missed, it’s the same as if the root canal hadn’t been done.