Dental Veneers

I use two types of veneers, laboratory veneers and composite veneers. Laboratory veneers are more expensive than composite veneers

The laboratory veneers are small pieces of porcelain cemented to the front of the tooth. Sometimes I will file the tooth behind the veneer down but sometimes that is not necessary.

There are many cases where you might want a dental veneer. You can do a veneer such that if a tooth was crooked, you can use a dental veneer to make that tooth appear straight. A common case is that one crooked tooth is set back and all the other teeth are straight. When I create the veneer, it takes up that thickness, pulling the tooth forward. So then without braces, all the teeth are now straight.

I can also bond composite veneer in my office which is a paste mixture of porcelain particles and acrylic resin.

The difference between the two is longevity. The one made in the laboratory is stronger so will last longer and it’s also twice as expensive.

Some people are gentle with their teeth so the composite veneer is a reasonable choice.

The decision about which to use really comes down to the patient’s personality, their tendency to grind their teeth and how their teeth come together.

I can look at their teeth and see how gentle they are based on whether their teeth are broken or worn down.