What causes you to lose your teeth is gum disease and decay that decays the teeth from the top of the root all the way down to the root.

Partials are dentures that come in and out of the mouth.The partial is made out of cast metal, and has clasps that grab onto your natural teeth.

Dentures are needed if cracked roots and gum disease cause all the teeth to need to be pulled. Dentures of the past would fall out easily. Now, dental implants can be used to support dentures.

If someone has lost all of their teeth and they don’t have $50,000 to put in bridges supported by implants, there is another solution. We can put in 4 implants as anchors on the upper jaw, 4 on the bottom and then have snaps put onto the dentures and use those to snap the dentures in place.

With the lower implants, I’ll adapt their denture the same day. With the upper implants, I’ll wait a few weeks.

Mini dental implants or full-sized implants are commonly used for denture anchors.